All Success is Driven By What You Want!

Your Starting Point: A Simple,
Step-by-Step Blueprint to Achieve Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty
in Building Your Wealth

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Imagine, in only 90 days, truly believing there’s nothing you can’t achieve.
You’ll also have an exciting plan for what to do next!

“Tom saw his true self-worth and stood up for himself…”

Like most people, I knew what I wanted out of life but always faced obstacles in getting there because of the story I kept telling myself. Was I worthy of success? Did I have what it took to get it?…and on and on it went. Once I had an understanding of who I was and what fulfilled and satisfied me, It was time to ask myself some questions. Where do I tend to consistently let myself down? Susan and her Wealthy Brain Workout helped me break through and understand my limited beliefs, I increased my income almost immediately by $3,000 per month then I left a very negative environment and now I feel empowered about achieving what I want. Thank you Susan you have really made an impact in my life and I know that like me, many lives will be touched and changed because of your work.
-Tom Moraitis – Gold Coast

(One-Off Payment)


In just 90 days, you could be taking bold steps with
newfound confidence towards living your wealthy life..

Dive into the ultimate guide that’s packed with both the clear-cut and the lesser-known secrets of personal and professional development. This isn’t just any guide—it’s your roadmap to thinking and acting in ways that open up new possibilities for what you can achieve. Think of it as your personal toolkit for building the life you want to life and designed to work wonders with any skill set you bring to the table. With daily doses of inspiration and practical strategies you’ll find the focus, strategy, ambition, drive, and vision you need to reach for the stars. Let’s make your dreams a reality together

Susan knows exactly how the A-list of our world think about wealth and what they do to get it.

Charlie is ‘the naughty boy’ of Hollywood but continues to build
his wealth.

Jewel the musician went from homeless to famous by preparing mentally to be successful.
Michael Douglas is an A-list actor and has real estate around the world.

And Here’s Why…

You’re probably aware by now that changing your mindset need to be the first step towards living a better life. Yet, there’s more to it. Often, it’s a lack of self-worth and confidence that stands in the way of success. Interestingly, those who boast about confidence might not truly possess it. However, individuals with genuine self-belief find creating wealth to be a more natural and effortless process. The Wealthy Brain Workout stands out as one of the premier personal development programs available, precisely because it addresses these fundamental issues. It guides you to discover your true purpose and core desires, identify what’s holding you back, understand your most significant challenges, and harness your emotions as your driving force. This program sets you on the path to thinking the right way to not just aim for living your wealthy life, but to achieve it.

Before You Can Create Wealth You Must Have
the RIGHT Brain Power to Create it!

Live in a World Where You Shape Your Destiny

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Believe it and you can achieve it,” more times than you can count. And while many strive to build a brighter future, success seems just out of reach for some. But with the Wealthy Brain Workout, you’re set to discover life-changing insights, strategies, and methods that not only shift your mindset but also help you craft a blueprint for the future you desire.

Here’s the truth: knowing what to do isn’t enough if it feels too daunting to start. The real magic happens when you believe in the possible—suddenly, the how becomes less important, and you find yourself taking action. No more excuses, no more “someday.” This program ensures you stay motivated, focused, and on track. Embracing this mindset isn’t just beneficial; it’s truly invaluable.

Here are 3 BIG Reasons WHY You Need
the Wealthy BRAIN Workout

1. Gain Clarity on Your Desires

Discover a renewed sense of direction and sharpen your focus on what truly matters to you.

2. Boost Your Confidence in Making Money

Ignite excitement for your future with unwavering belief in your financial capabilities.

3. Achieve Certainty in Your Success

Move beyond hope to a steadfast conviction that your goals will become reality.

Start getting excited because just imagine…

  • Transforming what you thought was a weakness into your greatest asset.
  • Building wealth, not just earning a paycheck.
  • Rising above overwhelm, frustration, and fear like they were nothing.
  • Crafting a life that plays by your rules, not someone else’s.
  • Allowing yourself to truly be the amazing person you were meant to be.
  • Deepening your personal relationships with more love and understanding.
  • Enhancing your business connections to be more fruitful and satisfying.
  • Mastering your energy levels to feel vibrant and excel in your endeavors.
  • Enjoying a healthier, more joyful life every day.

And here’s the game-changer:
Achieving peace of mind, knowing you can make a difference, be heard, generate wealth, and live your version of success.

It’s Within Reach with the Wealthy BRAIN Workout.

Why did I create the Wealthy Brain Workout? Simple: to boost your success. I have this hunch you’ve already been on this path, working hard towards your goals. But here’s where we take a leap forward. This program is your missing piece, designed to bridge those gaps and deliver results you’ll see and feel right away. Together, we’ll craft your vision, dive deep into your values, clarify your purpose, and lay out a straightforward plan. The goal? To transform any doubts into confidence, turning your brain from feeling unworthy to truly wealthy. This isn’t just about change; it’s about changing your life forever.

Here’s What You Get


1 x 1-1 Session with a Professional Coach: get you started and set you on the right path forward.

Become a Lifetime Member of our exclusive Facebook Coaching Group. (New group kicking off soon!) This is your chance to connect directly with a coach, ask questions, find solutions, celebrate your wins, and immerse yourself in a community that’s as invested in your success as you are.

And there’s more…

Look forward to regular updates including videos, emails, webinars, and events designed to keep you on track, energized, and in the loop. You’ll join a circle of individuals who share your ambitions and values.

Remember, the company you keep can significantly influence your journey. That’s why we’re committed to surrounding you with positivity, encouragement, and insight — key ingredients for your success.

We are on this journey with you… Together We Conquer.


“Kellie, took her dream out of the drawer…”

They say nothing is ever a coincidence and I can certainly vouch for that! After losing my spirit to write once motherhood changed my focus, crossing paths with Susan Sheehan was definitely fate intervening. Over time Susan Sheehan re-trained my brain to fight for what I’m passionate about. I am Kellie Bennett, a 40 year old self-published author who after decades of studying, dating, researching and observing actions of the opposite sex, composed a dating book titled; YOUR BOYFRIEND BIBLE. Motherhood put a halt on pursuing my other plans and dreams I had for my book and branding my business. All my hard work laid dormant for quite some time, then out of the blue Susan appeared practically at my doorstep, and now we are raring to go with new ideas! Susan Sheehan is not only a powerhouse on brain training. She is also a wise, warm and friendly soul who cares a lot about her clients and bringing out the best in them. By using the strategies in the Wealthy BRAIN Workout, anything is possible. Kellie Bennett – Author

(One-Off Payment)


In 90 days, you’ll find yourself confidently on the right path, moving in the
right direction towards the life you’ve always wanted. Begin today for a brighter tomorrow.

And, check out what these celebrities have
to say. The thing is, you can do it too!

Susan with Jessica Simpson… from Jessica “I am here to embrace my dream and live it 100%. EVOLVE YOURSELF!”

Susan with Dr Phil… from Dr Phil, ” If you have a damaged personal truth then you need to heal it” Decide YOU DESERVE IT!

Susan with Mel Gibson… from Mel, “TRUST YOURSELF, I made $780,000,000.00 in one move because I trusted myself!”

Before you go…what’s your deepest desire?

PS: The Wealthy Brain Workout is here to reignite your dreams, mend your personal truths, and instill a rock-solid belief in your right to succeed and trust in yourself. I give you my word—if you’re ready to give your all to live your best life, this program holds the keys you need to unlock that reality. Let’s make it happen, together… Susan 

(One-Off Payment)


And remember, in just 90 days, you’ll be thinking thoughts that empower you to believe deeply
in yourself and your ability to achieve your desires. It’s about shifting belief into reality, ensuring
you’re not just dreaming of what you want in life, but actively making it happen!


Susan is an international speaker, trainer, and 30 years a coach, known for her expertise in wellness, performance and brain training. As a leading authority in personal development and branding, she brings an entrepreneurial zeal to everything she does. Her journey includes best-selling author (2x), successful business ventures across the US and Australia, and memorable encounters with global celebrities and business leaders. Susan commits to making every person feel valued, understood, and equipped to tackle life’s challenges. Her ultimate goal is to guide others toward a life marked by health, wealth, and profound fulfillment.