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Why would I become an Affiliate Member of the Wealthy Brain Workout?

Affiliates are people who promote other people’s services/products on their website or by word of mouth for a cut of the selling price. When you promote the Wealthy Brain Workout you will get a referral fee for every program that is purchased.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a fantastic way for you to earn extra cash flow by promoting the Wealthy Brain Workout.  You get your own personalized LINK that you can put on your website, social media posts, blogs, articles etc.  Every time there is a sale via your personalized link, you IMMEDIATELY get 30% of that sale in your bank account. 

How Does an Affiliate Program Work?

To get started you need to join the affiliate program, once you have joined then a personalized link is generated for you.  We provide you with banners, text, social media posts and emails swipes so that it is easy for you to start sharing and making money immediately.

This money is automatically transferred into your bank account as soon as the payment for the Wealthy Brain Workout as been processed.      


  • Caroline Barton and Susan Sheehan offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee…
  • This program is not a business opportunity and does not provide any form of residual income.
  • You do not need a website to participate the Wealthy Brain Workout Affiliate Program because you can use e-mail and word of mouth to promote the program to others…
  • It’s easy extra income because we take care of charging the credit cards, and providing any necessary customer service.

To make earning commissions more effortless it is important for you to include a Wealthy Brain Workout linking Banner or Text Ad on your website, emails, or blogs etc. because your clients and customers can just click on the ad… and once a purchase is made, all sales and commissions are automatically tracked from the banner, link or text and the money goes straight into your bank account when a sale is made.

The Wealthy Brain Workout affiliate program is a win/win/win business decision because together we can help more people develop a new mindset in a world that is different and, in a world, where people need our help.